Michael Hall:
Web Designer and Developer

Updated: July 19, 2022 by Michael Hall


With 40 years experience in software application programming, 32 years experience copy writing, 25 years experience end-user technical support and 18 years experience in website development, Michael brings together just the right mix of skills to produce websites and web-based applications that are functional, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to work with.

Technical Abilities

  • Digital Product Design
  • Software Coding & Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Database Engineering
  • Backend Systems Engineering
  • Technical Writing

Software Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node/JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Golang


  • Laravel
  • Hugo (JAMStack)
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • LEMP (Linux, NGINX, MySQL and PHP)

Recent Achievements

Character Generation (CG) for eSports Broadcasting
  • Node.js-based client-server application
  • NodeCG backend
  • 4k-optimized view of live timing data, lower thirds, and other CG graphics
  • Dashboard controls for application in NodeCG (HTML, CSS, JS, Node)
  • Mainly vanilla JavaScript and CSS for animations and effects
  • HTML, CSS, and JS browser sources (compatible with both OBS and VMIX)
  • Locally deployed on Windows (producer's workstation)
Contact Keeper and Management Portal for Property Management Firm
  • Build upon the Laravel framework (PHP/MySQL)
  • Heavily reliant upon Doctrine ORM abstraction
  • Application provides mission-critical services with any browser
  • Deployed into a dedicated bare metal server (LEMP)
eCommerce Checkout Shim for Age Verification
  • Integrates seamlessly with Big Commerce
  • Client-side "shim" interrupts checkout until age verification completed
  • Server-side API server receives requests and provides responses to "shim"
  • Server-side application acquires age verification from 3rd party API endpoint
  • "shim" a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS micro-application to modify checkout behavior
  • Server-side API powered by the Laravel framework to process requests/responses
  • Client-side "shim" deploys to Big Commerce
  • Server-side API deploys to Digital Ocean droplet
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